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Before you buy an air bed, you need to find out the following. How much time to have it inflated? Which pump is more suitable for you, a mechanical one or an electrical one? Which brand is recommended? And which make? For this air bed (Model : #67225; 75” X 54” X 8.5”), the pump is not included, though they confirmed there is an attached device which you can simply step on it and lift your foot away, continuously,  to inflate it. That attached pump for the unit I was testing was not functioning.  It was also stated in their sales literature, that a repair patch was provided. I also did not find that repair patch. If the air bed leaks, is there a repair kit available? How much does it cost? Why is there no warrantee for this air bed? That air bed will definitely need to be inflated every 24 hours. Are you willing to spend time inflating it before you sleep every night?

If you have to work until very late hours and the closest hotel is half hour’s drive away and your home is twice that distance, you might as well sleep in your office. So this air bed is most convenient.

For those active in outdoor activities, they need to buy an air bed with a 12 volts air pump. For the model of the mechanical pump (GIYO, GF63) shown here, it takes 60 minutes to inflate it fully and  that duration excludes the time to relax and rejuvenate yourself. For those who wish to take this air bed with them to foreign country, make sure your electric air pump can operate between 110 volts and 240 Volts, so that you don’t need voltage converter.

This air bed I am writing about will definitely need to be inflated again after a night of sleep. You will need to pump for many more minutes the next night when you want to sleep. Don't buy it unless you are willing to do this.

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