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People who develop obsessive craving, fierce longings, and burning ambitions that can never be satisfied are always frustrated by longing and wanting. This sleazy and cunning guy had been cheating, deceiving, and swindling others.

The following is a true story:

This old lady owned a piece of land. Her name was clearly stated on the land title.  One greedy guy, Basil Ah Lau, thought he could have that piece of land at a very cheap price.  He invited the husband of the lady for a cup of coffee and talked about the old good days.  The chat went on and finally the land issue cropped up.  Ah Lau said he wished to buy that piece of land, at a price of 25% above the market rate. The husband Mr. Ah Chey was very impressed and interested but he had no right to sell the land. An installment payment scheme was brought up. Ah Chey would receive the payment on the day the land title was converted to  the name of Basil Ah Lau.  Legally, this could be done only after the final payment had been paid up.  But this Basil thought the lady was not educated. So he convinced Ah Chey to bring the wife to the District Office.  The old couple went there accompanied by Basil.

At the land office, the lady was asked if it was true she wanted to sell the piece of land. She confirmed it, and produced the land title for conversion, and asked for the payment on the spot. Basil did not have the lump sum on the spot. He had only few hundred dollars, which was only for the first payment. It would take him 60 months to complete the full payment.

The old lady said: “No transfer of name unless the lump sum is paid now ”.

The transaction could not be done. The couple and the cheat left the office.

Ah Lau told the couple not to sell the land to others except to him. Suspicions simmered for some time. He promised to raise the lump sum but was not able to do so.

The old lady thought that price was good if it was true. So she approached a multimillionaire and asked if he wanted to buy a piece of land for investment. That guy said he did not wish to, buy recommended her a person who might be interested. That lady went to see Ah Toh, who was actually interested.

The price was agreed and the lady said “One hand money and one hand land title”. It was not a problem for Ah Toh. He went to the bank and took out the cash. They went to the land office and the land title was handed over to the officer who processed it on the same day.

When Basil heard about the transaction, he was very jealous and went round the town spreading rumours about Ah Toh, telling others that the old lady was deceived.

The truth was that if that lady allowed Basil to have his name on the land title, with just one of the 60 installments, the whole piece of land would belong to Basil and the best lawyer on this planet could not help.



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