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This post is from my website blog. I felt it should be shared here as well.


Book Reviews are said to be the key to selling books. The good ones make an author jump for joy while the bad ones can make an author cringe. Cringing leads to self doubt. They say the worst critic of our work is ourselves.

So what to do about Book Reviews. It is real easy to swallow the ones that rave about one's book. But what do you do about the ones that tell everyone - don't buy this book?

Have you ever written one of those? Maybe you should. But not that bluntly.

When a review points out the faults of a story, it opens the door to opportunity. That is when the author can take the best advantage of the reviews.

Book review for an author causes them to go through stages. Stages somewhat like learning one has cancer and is about to die. What stages, you say?

Bad Reviews

First Stage ~ The author becomes angry, disappointed and wants desperately to lash out at the reviewer.

Stage Two ~ Then there is denial. The author waits to read reviews from others. They believe that maybe the reader did not really read the book thoroughly.

Stage Three ~ Acceptance comes next. This happens after several reviewers state almost the same exact thing about a book.

Stage Four ~ Change, the author who has accepted the bad review for what it is, then takes on the task of creating a revised edition.

Yes, I do have to thank my reviewers. I have gone through the stages of their reviews. It took a while for the last stage to set in, but now the revision has begun. Just a minor revision none the less, but it was what they wanted. A longer ending to Friends of Choice.

I understand they wanted to find some sort of closure. It is now in the ebook and the new paperback published by CreateSpace. The hardback is next. I think, I'm not quite sure yet. But I think, the mass market paperback will be going away. It looks like Lulu is the only one left making these pocket version paperback books. These will probably be something to go by the wayside with 8 track players and rotary phones.

Times are changing. Revisions will be for ever happening to my first book until book two comes out.

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