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Authors: Why You Should Be Blogging About Elvis

One thing that I often suggest to authors, who are casting about for things to blog about, is that they write about what is happening in the news. 


Current events capture the nations’ attention. They have the power to take each of us out of our daily routine and momentarily distract us from the report that our boss is waiting for, or the laundry that needs to be washed.


Do you find that you often step of your day to stop, or search the Internet for more information, or if was a historic event and reflex where they were when the event happened?


If you do, you are not alone. Thirty-five years ago today, Elvis died and if you look at the top trending tweets this morning in Twitter, Elvis is one of them.


The simple fact that people can become easily engaged in current events can be an opportunity for marketers. For a brief period of time, when people drop their normal filters and a window opens that that may make them more receptive to your message.


Still, we need to think carefully about what to say. Continue

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