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Barney Frank and John F. Kerry to host fundraiser for Martha Coakley in Boston

An invitation only gala fundraiser hosted by long time Massachusetts Democrat giants Congressman Barney Frank and Senator John Kerry is planned for tomorrow night in Boston’s posh Ritz Carlton Hotel for senate candidate Martha Coakley.
Coakley is in a heated senate race to fill the seat of the late Ted Kennedy. The $2,500 a plate event is expect to inject desperately needed cash into Coakley’s fading campaign. Wealthy celebutards from all over the country are expected to attend.
Melissa Ethridge and Elton John are scheduled entertainers and Rep. Frank and Sen. Kerry will do a comedic skit, a scene from “La Cage Aux Folles”. It was not specified if Frank or Kerry would be playing the role of the cross dressing homosexual.
After the event a bus full of homeless Bostonians will be delivered to the alley in back of the hotel near the dumpsters for a for photo op with Martha Coakley. The poor will be allowed to scavenge for leftover pate de foie gras and salmon with basil cream sauce and white wine.
UPDATE: Insiders report that candidate Coakley has requested liquid hand sanitizer, moist towelettes and latex gloves for herself to use during the homeless meet and greet photo op at the hotel dumpster. A campaign aid would not confirm or deny that Caokley made the request.
UPDATE: The gala fundraiser venue for candidate Coakley has been moved to a parking garage in south Boston. The theme has changed to a less formal "kegger" with hotdogs and beans. Coakley staff reported the change was due to the campaign lack of cash to pay for the Ritz Carlton facility. Ritz management would not extend payment terms to Coakley. Hotel manager Pierre leFume said "She (Coakley) will probably get her ass kicked, lose the election and stiff us for the bill." The homeless will not be invited to the kegger.

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