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Have you ever heard someone tell you to “go to your happy place”? This is often a recommendation we receive when we are dealing with a lot of stress or heartache. The point is to escape, as least in our minds, to a different environment in which we can experience peace and serenity. We are all unique individuals, so I am sure that everyone’s “happy place” is specific to their personalities. Some may envision a quiet beach at sunset with the surf rushing towards the shore. Others may prefer a seat behind home plate at Yankee Stadium during Game 7 of the World Series. Perhaps you transport to a huge amusement park with every roller coaster at your immediate disposal. What if you could make any situation a part of your “happy place” simply because you are there and happy with yourself.

Each of us has the ability to obtain a greater level of confidence and self-love that will allow us to be happy right where we are. To achieve this goal, we must first recognize what is preventing us from being able to enjoy true happiness. Maybe you already know the obstacles in your own mind. Are you struggling with jealousy related to a past relationship, a competitive sibling, or even a stranger? Was your self-esteem damaged in childhood by parents and other mentors who always told you that you were not good enough? Do you harbor guilt from some regrettable decisions that you made earlier in life? You can move forward from these emotional shackles.

In my new book The Anja Technique, I discuss the ten primary obstacles that prevent us from experiencing complete self-love and then guide you through relaxation techniques and affirmation exercises that will teach your brain to reject the thoughts that are holding you back. The obstacles, no matter how pervasive, can be removed for good!

I hope you will read The Anja Technique and listen to the CD, then begin your journey towards a happy place that is with you no matter where you are.

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