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It seems I'm so busy writing these days (and editing, and re-writing) that I have very little time for blogging. Add to that the fact that I keep forgetting where I parked my blog, and so I create a new one. So I have several blogs now, and it gets even tougher to keep up with them.


But enough about me!


Here's a bit of updating in case you wondered just what I've been up to these days:


I've now published six books, and I'm waiting for the art work to be finished for numbers seven and eight. Number nine is currently being written. I seem to thrive on the pressure of many projects going at once. Here is a list of the books published:

1. The Goddess Book of Psalms

2. Devotions for the Witch: Devozioni della Strega

3. Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Retold

4. Elemental Meditations

5. Voice of the Mother

6. Witch Daze: a perennial pagan calendar


The books awaiting art work are:

7. A book of rituals, untitled as yet

8. A book of fairy oracles


The one I'm writing now is about the suffering endured by those who were arrested, harassed, tortured, murdered, imprisoned and generally harmed by the Inquisition, which flourished during the Middle Ages, and persists even today, in many parts of the world.


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Comment by Stephen L. Brayton on January 14, 2011 at 9:54pm
I totally understand busy. Good luck with the two upcomign books.


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