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Dec. 6, 2010

I know I have told about some of my book signings in other posts, but I felt I needed to have a separate category for it. Well, I’ve had three book signings. One was at the Miller County Courthouse. Judge
McNatt and all the ladies that Troy works with, wanted me to come and
sign books for them. The judge said I could come back and set up a
table in the courthouse and have a big book signing. He’s a very nice

Also, I had the book signing at the homeschool meeting, which went really well. Next month we are supposed to have guest homeschoolers from other groups come and share with us. The president of our homeschool
group asked me to come back next month for that meeting and sell again.

Then I had a book signing at Wilburton, Oklahoma. It was at a Christmas Bazaar that was put on by the local Art Guild. My mother-n-law belongs to the guild. They put a really nice article about me in two
different newspapers. I did fairly well. It was a bit slow though. The
highlight of my day was when 12 year old Alison Corcoran came to see
me. She is interested in becoming a writer when she grows up. She was
so excited about getting my book. The look on her face made a lump in my
throat and I could envision a time when I was exactly like her. She
made the whole publishing process worth it. I do hope her dream of
being a writer comes true. There is nothing like seeing what you’ve
written in print, with your name across the cover.

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