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Book Trailers: Solution for the Book Marketing Conundrum

Solution for the Book Marketing Conundrum

In these challenging times, authors like everyone else are being forced to streamline their marketing campaigns. Yet the need to promote has become increasingly more important to a book’s success, creating a conundrum for authors, publishers and public relations firms alike. Every dollar spend must be maximized to its fullest in order to reach not only the specific target audience but the general reading public as well. With the increasing number of venues available for videos, book video or book trailers have become the most valuable and cost effective way to promote books of all genres.

An effective book trailer is very much like the movie trailers in the theatres. Using graphics, music and voice-overs, book trailers create a multi-media experience that tempts the reader to seek out the book. Unlike TV commercials, these advertisements are not limited by the traditional two minute breaks in programming, nor do they require additional payment for each airing. Once produced, they can be uploaded and shared without any additional cost. In addition, the site link can be sent out in viral emails, which further increase its effectiveness and broaden its target audience.

As with all information, once a trailer is uploaded on the net, it remains there until it is physically removed. With unlimited viewing potential, this tool has become the most successful in the online book marketing and promotion toolbox. Whether it is watched once or a million times, the production and distribution costs remain the same.

Although there are an increasing number of book trailer producers, Valkyrie Publishing has become one of the front runners for not only their quality but also their creativity when it comes to scripts, production and distribution for books of all genres. Using all three elements, voice-overs, music and graphics, Valkyrie has produced trailers for authors, publishers and PR firms. Why settle for a two dimensional media experience when there is a cost effective way to have all three. To watch the trailers and videos Valkyrie has previous produced go to To contact Valkyrie Publishing email or go to to see what services Valkyrie Publishing provides.


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