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If you haven't yet read my scifi ebooks, The Colonial Scouts Adventures, now's your chance. The three-book package is half-off for Facebook members only. Limited time offer.

Facebook Members Only

The Colonial Scouts Adventures is a scifi action-filled thrill ride for young adults and older. It's about an elite group of teenagers who work for the Colonial Expansion Board. They travel the galaxy via programmable wormholes in search of habitable planets.

In Fracture, our heroes, Trace and Impani, are trapped in a fractured wormhole. They jump uncontrollably from planet to terrifying planet as they try to figure out how to get home.

In Susan's Gift, Trace and troop are sent on a rescue mission to a dangerous world filled with mold monsters only to learn that Trace's estranged father is the leader of the failing colony.

In Watery Deep, ex-bestfriends Impani and Natica are on a water world where they battle sea serpents and pirates in their quest to find Natica's missing twin brother.

Get all three ebooks for $12.75. That's half off! But don't wait. This is a limited time offer.
That link again is Facebook Members Only

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