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Like pearls, you've been stringing me
Every time we danced all these weeks
Languishing in intimate conversation
So much we've found in common
Comfortable at times no talk is needed

Last night you let me know your heart
Opened to me all within your ripe hungry soul
Delicious words drenching my mind
Caressing my fingertips as you spoke
Words spoken softly with your intent

Just friends remember
Dancing partners
Your so… much younger
Then your lips caressed mine
With succulent vibrant intentions

Your electricity enveloping me
Here by the roaring fire we flamed
From the meringue slowly flowing
Into a wild spicy rumba we exploded
Right there on the rug we danced

We danced just as on the dance floor
Vibrant sizzling passions intoxicating
A new beginning ripe with wonder
Sweet with loves promises captured
Intermingled in a new dance of hearts

© 2008 Alexandra Carpenter

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Comment by M!CHAEL MAYHEM on March 23, 2009 at 2:24pm
dance? sounds like fucking too
very romantic... makes me think of love

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