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Hush my sweet child, there is no more pain here to make you cry Dry your eyes, no more tears, just your sweet sweet smile You are now embraced by angels, they help dry the tears that you cry You are now protected,no one can hurt you now, sleep my little child, rest yourself for a while. Embraced by God, here you can rest, no more worries should you suffer You can run amidst the clouds, because now my sweet child you are now free You are with the others that went before you, and they accept you with open arms, from you they will never deter Now you have all the love and protection to make you as happy as can be Playing amidst the clouds, with the angels and the birds, you know they will never hurt you You can be a normal two year old, just wanting to be loved and to play Here with the angels only happiness, never again will you be sad or blue To console your spirit, justice for you will be served without delay. Hush my sweet child, dry your tears, there are no more reasons for them to fall like rain The angels, now have a sweet addition, you are the addition, that is so sweet You have no reason to longer be afraid, within the angels from now on you shall always remain When the angels knew of your coming, with love and protection, you did they greet So hush my child, all your fears are now gone and melted away You are now safe, in a place of love and sanctuary Dry your eyes, cry no more, the angels will help you, trying to make you happy without delay You had no time to make a decision about your life, but God I grantee, heard your plea. So hush my darling, you are now in a better place No more pain, no more hurt, no more sickness, a place with no worries, a place you can be totally free The angels that embrace you, now with them you are face to face After you play, now you can sleep with no worries, my sweet little Caylee

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