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If you are one of those who blindly believe marriages are arranged in Heaven, please read on. This article will save you lots of money and pains. In Singapore alone, from January to June this year (2014), there were 82 reported cases of love scams, involved  $3.1 million being walloped by the cheats . In 2013, there were 22 documented cases, involving $1.7 million. Are you one of the victims?

These cheats set up the traps by sweet-talking their victims daily. They are actually working full time on these projects. When they noticed the women have some liking on them, they pretended to be sick, or having issues with the laws, and thus needed money to solve the problems.  The money issue cropped up suddenly and those who felt they cannot lose the catch would begin to remit money to them.

Another trick is telling the victim he has dispatched expensive gifts to her and that she must pay cash to release those parcels which have been detained by the Customs.  They even mailed those custom papers to the potential victim. Other cheats use business ventures, and promising the victim the position of CEO, directors, etcetera.

Those ventures would be too good to be ignored. The return of the investment would be around 50% of the capital they cough up.  The local banks offer less than 2% interest per annum. The next trap is the promise of marriage. And after the agreed marriage, the tall, dark and handsome guy suddenly fell ill and his accounts have been locked by the banks for some reason. His mother or father suddenly needed thousands of dollars in order to have the operation done in a hospital.

The greedy and stupid woman would even borrow money to remit it to him. Wake up ladies. You need to weave some alertness into your daily life. There must be suitable partner around you if you care to look around? Why must the good fish be found only abroad? Do you still believe the potable water abroad tastes sweeter? Perhaps like they say: familiarity breeds contempt?

There are of course also many women cheating the men on the Internet. But these are other matters and must be presented on different occasions.

I have also received many letters offering marriages from rich widows, and also from ladies whose parents have passed away abroad and they needed my assistance to have their parents’ property released in this part of the world.

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Comment by Poh Tiong Ho on January 20, 2015 at 12:12am

Hiding behind their pseudonyms these ruthless and tyrannical assholes  use the internet to denigrate others and even other religions.  We simply ignore them and continue writing. To retain your sanity, you just have to keep on writing and ignore these blood-thirsty assholes.


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