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Digital Publishing Blueprint and Author Expert Marketing Machines combo offer. This is really special. You really should check it out.

Memo from John Kremer - Note that this offer expires at Monday midnight, August 26th.

Dear Book Authors and Book Publishers . . .

This is something I normally don't do, but I really do think that you should check out the Digital Publishing Blueprint course on Magazine Publishing via iPhones and iPads.

This course AND technology to follow through by publishing magazines to Apple's iStore is an incredible opportunity for book authors and publishers. If you have an extra $3,000 hanging around, you should get this course.

Now I often tell you about new things I think you should take a look at, but in this case I'm doing that AND sending you to an affiliate link from Mike Koenig - so you can get his amazing bonuses. You'll love his Author Expert Marketing Machines and Multicast Marketing Machine, which he's giving away as bonuses if you order via his link:

Yup, that's Mike's referral link, not mine. I don't make anything if you buy this program, but I really want to encourage you to look at Ed's MagCasting and Mike's bonus Author Expert Marketing Machines (that you'll get for free if you buy through his link).

Ed Dale's MagCasting technology and Mike Koenig's Author Expert Marketing Machines could easily revolutionize the way you market your books - and the way you publish new information and entertainment. I can't offer you anything better than these two programs (all for one price).

Here's Mike's sales letter:

Imagine what it would be like to be in front of 600 million hot prospects, who with just one-tap on their iPhone or iPad, can order what YOU have to offer.

That's WHAT you get when you syndicate your content online via web magazines (like the ones in Apple's Newsstand).

That's WHY I'm encouraging you to learn from Ed Dale.

And if you're in a hurry, here's WHERE to get full details on the course on MagCasting.

Whether you want...

  • more customers
  • more leads
  • more exposure for your business
  • or the street cred that having your own magazine brings

...publishing your own digital magazine is hot, and highly effective!


When you enroll in Ed's course through the link in this e-mail, Mike Koenig will send you a powerful bonus package to include...

1. Author Expert Marketing Machines (a $2000 product)

This is the FIRST time this product has ever been offered as a bonus for anything. (That's how much I think of Ed's system.) Author Expert Marketing Machines has been purchased by our customers for $2,000 just months ago... and it can be yours when you enroll in Ed's course and send us your receipt absolutely free.

In Author Expert Marketing Machines, you get...

Access to the Author Expert Marketing Machines Training Portal, Mentoring & Recordings, the Instant Expert Machine, Instant Publishing Machine, Instant Product Machine, Instant List Machine, Instant Money Machine, Instant Customer "Expert Edition", and Traffic Geyser "Expert Edition" (not available anywhere else).

You will immediately receive access to all of the training modules and a year's worth of resources, success stories, and tools in the member portal.

The Author Expert Marketing Machines physical product (with DVDs, a workbook, quick-start guides and step-by-step training) will be RUSHED to your home or office so you can become a recognized expert, consultant, author, speaker, or coach.

NOTE - 20% of everyone who invested in AEMM wrote a book, published it, and became a top 10 bestseller in their category in 90 days or less.... that is amazing and even more so, dozens became a #1 bestseller in their category. I'll put this program against any other program on the planet with numbers like that.

You'll also get...

2. Multicast Marketing Machines (a $3,000 product)

Multicast Marketing Machines will show you how to instantly distribute your content to the world so you can get exposure, build a following, and become an instantly recognized authority. It also shows you a unique way to create content with livecasts and more with the latest FREE tools and services.

3. Rocktoberfest

You'll get 2 tuition waivers to our Rocktoberfest event (October 11-13 in San Diego). This will be one part party. One part teaching. And ten parts FUN. Plus, when you enroll in the MagCast course, I'll even cover the cost of a boat cruise in San Diego Harbor with me and my speakers. (All we ask is you pay a nominal $97 materials fee so we know you're coming and can save your seat and showguide).

It's a great deal...which is why it's going away soon (just a few days)!

Get started now (and lock in those "Fast Action" bonuses).

Talk soon,

Mike Koenig

P.S. Isn't it time you took advantage of having your own digital expert presence in a place like Apple's Newsstand? Talk about becoming an instant authority. You get that...PLUS...all of the bonuses when you get the whole course.'s awesome. But this offer goes away in just a few days, so go there now!

Go here to find out more.

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