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A floodgate of religions, opinions and the constant changing and twisting of historical Biblical facts by theologians, atheists and scientists, have saturated the minds of many people to believe that the only way to live in peace and happiness, is to deny the gospel and go after material things, unfortunately after death, the casket contains only the body but not all the amassed wealth one struggled and worked hard for.


On article submission websites, one often reads “No religious articles accepted,” thus; society neglects the call to holiness and salvation, encouraging immoralities, leading many into unprepared life turmoil and suicides, then at the end the question we often hear is “If there is God, why so much violence, crime and bloodshed?” God gave dominion to man but the selfishness, greed and wickedness of man have plunged the world into a nightmare.


In this hard world, one instantly becomes an enemy when you speak against immorality and homosexuality, yet nothing prevents Maxwell  Kobina Acquah from writing his religious books. “I thanked God when someone contemplating of committing suicide changed her mind after reading one of by books. The truth of the matter is to be sincere in life will actually give you the peace within.” said Kobina.


Maxwell Kobina Acquah (Maxwell Kobina Acquah – Yeful) was born in Ghana and holds a master's degree in Divinity from the American Bible University, Bachelor Degree and Diploma in Biblical Studies from Abundant Life Ministerial Institute / American Bible University, Certificate in Lay Leaders from Pentecost University College and a couple of certificates from World Bible School and Christian Broadcasting Network respectfully.


Other academic qualifications are BSc. Agriculture (IC) from UCC, Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Development from Institute of Commercial Management (ICM - UK), certificate in computing from UCC, etc. Kobina is anointed Bible teacher and author who write absorbing inspirational books. To him knowledge and wisdom aren’t manufactured, one can obtain them when you first seek the kingdom of God.


Kobina participates in many religious functions and often as an educator, counsellor, motivational speaker, researcher, and likes sharing with others. He values everyone's view about the meaning of life, but He is of JESUS CHRIST, not of the world. He has published couples of gospel books which will help you to be enlightened more in the divine knowledge.

His books are available at:;;; ;;;


He is also available on social platforms, such as:;  ; ; and

Written by Joel Savage, Diplomatic Aspects


I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.

 I am really happy to contribute to the human resource development across the globe. Here are some of my free books and working ….!/bookshelf?booktrackId=1371c45922bb42dfbda1ebc405a94787!/bookshelf?booktrackId=db35b9e1262a4f13a4ab7812e2093710!/bookshelf?booktrackId=4961563eddab4c84ac46ad30f5e7af3d


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