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Early April Fool's Spam Honorable Mention Author List

I’d like to alert everyone to the email I mentioned in my last blog post. When I received the email, I tried to look up the article and couldn't find it in News Digest. I assumed I might have been too late to read the article since Lisa Davis’s message said it would only be available for a few hours. I'm always looking for things to post in my blog that draw attention to my books and online bookstore so I went ahead and posted with excerpts from the email to prove Lisa Davis had sent it to me just in case.

But something about this email spelled fake so I kept looking for some mention of the New Digest article in Google alerts. What I found was that spam emails are being sent out for other articles in News Digest and signed Lisa Davis. There isn't any such article or a Lisa Davis or an Anthony Moreno that has interest in who’s who for authors and publishers.

In my Google search, I found a former real estate agent that wrote about an email she received. She said it might be linked to a virus. What alerted her was she hadn't been a real estate agent for a few years when she received the email. A comment in another area said it might be a way to get people on spam lists. Once we check the link on Lisa Davis’s email, we go to News Digest, and we are linked to a spam list. Since my email address is listed in many sites online because I sell my books online, I receive a lot of spam and most of that go in my spam digest and gets deleted. I wouldn't know if my checking out the News Digest site caused an increase in spam


There wasn’t any harm done to my computer. I think I’d know it. On the bright side, I know others are reading my blogs or found my post in Google. I was contacted by several authors that received the same email and ask me how to find the article. My author ego is still in tact whether I make a Who’s Who list or not. I love to see mention of my books. I enjoy writing and creating books. That’s enough.

I’ve printed the email in its entirety so the website links to News Digest aren’t there. If you received this email do what I’ve done and warn people about it. Beware that the website and the sender’s name may change.

Good morning!

We wanted you to know that you received Honorable Mention in yesterday's article titled "Who's Who Among Authors and Publishers" by Anthony Moreno.

The article will remain available at News Digest for the next few hours and is available for download and printing, without cost.

We hope you have a joyous holiday season and a prosperous new year.

Lisa Davis

News Digest International

News Digest

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