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Good people,

I don't post (here at Book Market Network) as often as I would like, because my hands are completely full. Besides tweeting and writing (blogs, articles, reviews, web content, rap/hip-hop lyrics, business correspondence, and online ad campaigns) I still provide virtual assistance for website owners.

But this posting is not about me. It's about my latest discovery. By the way, if you have yet to take advantage of Google AdSense on your website or blog page, what is your problem? Maybe your book is doing so well, and you don't need the extra income. Well I do! And maybe some of you could use a stream of monthly revenue, as well.

I won't get into all the details about it, because this is about another legitimate opportunity I just discovered a couple few ago. Like I said, websites that partner with Google AdSense are making money, and they're sharing the wealth with users like you and I (well at least me, for sure)!

I joined a popular site that credits people for answering questions; everything from simple general questions to highly in-depth, advanced ones. Some people post silly answers and they're obviously not interested in being credited for giving a serious effort...not me!

Time is money as far as I’m concerned. So as soon as I joined the site and registered for free - I hit the ground (or platform) running! In two days, I submitted serious, thoughtful answers to thirteen questions pertaining to government, God/spirituality, the economy, American presidents', and supporting our youth. These were legitimate questions posted by real people looking for answers.

Some of my answers were a few sentences long, while a couple was fairly extensive…great writing exercise, too! But in each case, I gave serious quality answers to each question. It's not hard to do when the question is about a subject with which you are familiar.

Anyway, after just two days, and submitting thirteen answers, I was awarded best answer to one of the questions. The others are still pending review and decision(s). I was cool with that, but I didn't know that after posting a response to at least ten questions, I was eligible to receive future, and recurring, advertising revenue shares from Google AdSense for my “awarded” answers!

In other words, for every response that I submitted, if it is selected as best answer, I receive a percentage of advertising revenue from that particular posting on the site…love it! I'm excited because I already know that Google actually pays out revenue. They do so for my own site, The 'GOoD' Life @

Okay, already - I feel like I've said enough. Plus, it's 2:30am and I have more blogs to post to other sites. And, I don't want to sound like a salesman (I don't like selling). I just know that when you share good news which may help others, blessings come back to you - guaranteed!

For more information about answering web questions in return for Google AdSense revenue sharing click here! If you decide to register and join (for free), look me up. My user name is TF_Hodge.

To The 'GOoD' Life,

T.F. Hodge, author of From Within I Rise

Currently available online at:,, and

Meet me at The 'GOoD' Life @!

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