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Where are your books available for purchase? Amazon? That's great but are you lost among the hundreds of millions of books there? And, Amazon takes such a large chunk of your book sales. Fine, if you do not have a way of selling on your site, and fulfilling your own orders.

What about your own web site?
Do you have a great web site?
How many people know where you are?
Is your site SEO (search engine optimized?)

The truth is, it is often better to be a big fish in a know the saying. That's especially true if the idea is to be caught.

We recently announced the launch of our iFOGO Village Bookstore. (iFOGO Books) We begin humbly but uniquely. Some say our developing format is like "Ebay for Books." Perhaps a perfect description.
*Books there are linked to the author's Amazon, and/or the Village sites or the author's site; and are displayed in a manner that engage the reader.
*Large images appear when thumbnails in the sidebar are clicked.
*The author's name appears in the sidebar and is linked to the author's site presence,
*What's more, all books are/or will soon be searchable by title and author's name.

Placement in the Village BookStore will
*Heighten visibility and salability of each title;
*There is no percentage sales cost to authors,
*And authors in the bookstore will be part of a permanently featured group.

Additionally, our main page will begin featuring books from authors in the BookStore.

So, take a good look, and decide to become a part of our Village BookStore.

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