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In our ongoing research to understand and provide technology updates for you, we submit the following on ebooks.

By using InDesign, the industry standard for layout and production, we can create epubs. These can be read on over twenty mobile devices. The proprietary software for each should recognize this format. All except Amazon’s Kindle, which still tries to retain its own software dominance. (This may have to change, hopefully in the near future, if they want to sell their e-readers to a mass market.)

The Amazon Kindle DX will read the PDF format. While a stationary format, it does not allow page re-flow as other e-readers.

For online reading, you may download the free Adobe Digital Edition reader at A lot of public domain books may be available to you.

Adobe has concentrated on enabling the dispersal and retrieval of ebooks across multiple platforms. You may also be able to download the Adobe Digital Edition reader to your mobile device to transfer an ebook to it.

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