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Beautifully written in a first person format, Leslie Musoko brought me into the mind and thoughts of characters of immense spirituality seeking their destiny, in a masterpiece composition, ELI. Revelations between
reality and the spirit world conflict within their minds, as his novel brought
me into the depths of human awareness. Skillfully written using multiple dimensions of thoughts, feelings and actions
of his protagonist, combined with the minutia of detail Leslie Musoko amassed
from his life experiences and research, he constructs a philosophical pulpit. I felt transported into the mind of his
character Cephas; seeing through his eyes, feeling through his touch, sensing
all around him whilst listening to his thoughts, understanding his faith and
witnessing first-hand his cognitive awareness. Kudos to Mr. Musoko for achieving such an artful literary feat.

I knew I was in for a treat from the very first page, during the Prelude, he writes, “Cry I say, cry I wish, yet there are no tears from me. I am all cried out, all dried up.” For those words written told me volumes about Leslie Musoko’s
sensitivity and literary skills. His pen
scribes an acme of articulation, reminiscent of eternal quotes and commensurate
as a Shakespearian coinage. The
introspective contemplative lamellate of his characters’ personality,
juxtaposed against their logical layer, or public façade layer, divulges the
depth of Musokos’ erudition of character development. The quest to find his character’s sanctuary in
faith brings us all closer to our own. “Eli” translated meaning “My God” was
exclaimed by Jesus Christ on the cross. “Eli, Eli lama sabathani,”
said Jesus. “My God, my God why have you
forsaken me?”

Eli is the second of a trilogy series of writing about Cephas, a Christian put to tests of his faith through a series of challenging circumstances. Achieving an advanced caliper of literary
percipience, Leslie Musoko’s Eli is
recommended to all readers with a cultivated appreciation of character
development, epic storytelling, and faith based philosophy. I found it to be challenging and
stimulating. One thought, written
somewhere in the storyline, Musoko stated how odd it is for humans to have
evolved to a point in their use of language where at times it is used to
mislead or mask one’s innermost feelings. How absurd a culture would embrace such deceptive tactics, he
pontificated. Mr. Musoko leads no reader
down a path of deception, nor does he fraudulently portray his thoughts. Eli
is communication at its highest level of veracity.

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