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Most weeks there's some news, but this week's news is huge! The speaker catalog I co-founded, Presenters & Programs, has been mailed out to 30,000 meeting and event planners. It's so exciting to know that something I helped create will be seen by so many people in short order. Even better, knowing that I'll be feeling this same sense of excitement in another year when the 2010 version of the catalog goes out. If you'd like to see our handy work, check out the high resolution PDF version at:

Thanks to those who wrote in with organization tips. I'm compiling them to share so if you have a tip let me know via email:

One of the keys to writers succeeding during difficult economic times (most times in fact) is having multiple income streams. This week, I offer my review of Café Press, a photo product site that allows you to create cards, postcards, journals, mouse pads, books, CDs, and so much more.

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