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Black Sheep Never Cry is a story of child abuse and the author's life being streamed into a story while running from her abuser for years. In the midst of all this a cut in phone conversation talking about celebrities, her remembering one in particular, John F. Kennedy, Jr. She was told something about a plane and that she would be the only one to help him. She got frightened and ran and in the middle of this her car was set up with
gas soaked rags in the trunk and there was some kind of transmitter she couldn't see in there where it was telling her that she would be the next to die like her father. She ran into the car to get away when her car was hit inches from her gas tank and dragged down the road. She escaped this but has been running from her abuser since leading her to the Cape where and when JFK, Jr. died.

And this is why she dedicates this story to him.

The Firm comes to mind with that impending thrill, a sense of foreboding of an action that will change the course of the novel. The narrative voice takes on that of a girl who has a certain way of saying things which shows her loquacity and tendency to write as she speaks, an 'actual' voice as in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Coll B. Lue, Literary Review, London, England

This is a fictional story inspired by actual events.

Lori Finnila currently resides in Oregon and has two other published books “My Brain Injury” and “The Virtuous Woman.” The Publishers are Turner Maxwell Books in London online and LJ Publishing at Amazon. She hosts her own radio show Women Empowerment Hour at Blog Talk Radio and Women Empowerment Magazine which she created to strengthen and unify women. She is aspiring to have her work produced for movies and to partake in the production of these and eventually open a Women Production House.

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