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Free Instant Media Kit: Branding Superstar Special from Liora Mendeloff & Pam Perry

Wow, the response to the teleseminar:
How To Instantly Brand Yourself As An Expert: Simple Strategies For Standing Out In A Crowded Digital Age
was incredible!

I'm still amazed at the comments that are still coming in! Folks were locked, stocked and loaded - and listening to the great content Liora delivered about her
"Instant Media Kit."

Golden nuggets were extracted and folks walked away with information on the brand new tool that the "big boys" are using to propel their brand to get more major media coverage and sky-rocket their speaking careers and explode their book sales in the process!


But in the meantime, Liora and I brainstormed a better deal!

We said it's great to get the tools and have the information - but if you don't have direction on how to use and apply it in a strategy that fits YOUR situation - it's a waste.

And I see a lot of the same folks on the "free calls." Though I know you're getting good information, I can see why you're STALLED at the same level. In order to BRAND LIKE SUPERSTAR, you need:

* The Tools
* The Strategy
* The Contacts
* The Direction
* The Instruction
* An accountability partner to keep you on track!

So, here's what we decided to do. We decided to combine the best of both worlds and give YOU the industry-leading INSTANT MEDIA KIT FREE when you sign up for the next PR Boot Camp online! (The Instant Media Kit is valued at $500 - and you get 4 weeks of personal coaching with me plus 2 months of email support)

If you don't shine online and Brand Like a Super Star after that - we'll refund your money!

This is a one-time offer only. The PR Boot Camp start on Tuesday, August 31 at 9 p.m. All teleclasses are one hour and it takes you "step-by-step" over four weeks on how to market your book or business and garner the media attention you deserve. I personally give you all my "insider secrets" and key resources & contacts that I have used with over 200 authors during my 20 year career in PR. (All classes are recorded too!)

Here's what you get in the PR Boot Camp

* How can you sell more books, getting speaking engagements based on your USP
* How to Build­ your "plat­form" (which means "grow­ing the size of your audi­ence and the scope of your pres­ence in the world")
* How to cre­at­e spe­cial sales and dis­tri­b­u­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties for your self-published book
* How to cre­at­e a com­pre­hen­sive mar­ket­ing/PR plan to estab­lish YOU as a leader - even before, dur­ing or after your book's release (or even in lieu of a book!)
* How to devel­op­ your con­tent con­cept for max­i­mum rev­enue - before you write the book - with a timeline and calendar
* How to res­ur­rect­ your old book to cre­ate new revenue
* How to mar­ket your­self, your idea, your busi­ness, your con­tent or your infor­ma­tion product
* How to increas­e sales for your book (before/after pub­li­ca­tion, whether you pub­lish tra­di­tion­ally or self-publish) using online techniques & media interviews
* How to posi­tion and brand your­self for greater suc­cess as an author/speaker
* How to generate traffic to your blog or website and continually get requests from the media
* One hour "going behind the curtain" with me showing you how to implement online and social media marketing techniques
* More - much, much more!


This is a one-time deal only. Quit wondering why you continue to "stall" and not make it to the next level. If you've sat in on many FREE teleseminars, podcasts, webcasts, etc. and still not "there" yet - it's time you to step and make some things happen for yourself! Investing in the right tools, right program, with the right people at the right time EQUALS SUCCESS!

Go to >
Click to hear the replay of how the PR Boot Camp Online Works & decide if it is for YOU!

Pam Perry PR CampP.S. Sign up for the PR Boot Camp ONLINE and get the FREE Instant Media Kit.

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Comment by Anthony jappa on August 27, 2010 at 1:25pm
how much is it for the bootcamp!

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