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Strong relationships come from well-bonded friendships. The best
foundation for relationships to grow, flourish, and succeed is a
deep-rooted friendship. This is the time when two people get to know
each other – and accept each other despite and in spite who the person
is. In an emotive and touching story that will surely evoke a gamut of
sentiments and thoughts, author Jonathan Anthony Burkett portrays how
friends can end up as lovers – and how that can last a lifetime. From
Friends 2 Lovers, you will experience how exhilarating and wonderful the
ride can be, even if there are challenges and obstacles along the way.

Claude and Kelly have been best friends since they were children. In Claude’s
last year of high school, he deals with a heartbreaking tragedy – his
father, brother, and close friend were shot and killed, and his mother
and another friend committed suicide. How will he face a life with so
much pain at a very young age? As he deals with this devastating sorrow
and grief, he is blessed to have his best friend, Kelly, and her mother,
Mrs. Brown to comfort him. Kelly and her mom unceasingly pushed him to
move forward to grow into a better man. As Claude and Kelly continue to
give support to one another, their friendship also created a profound
bond between them. This friendship gradually blossomed into something
deeper. However, there are things they need to face that make them
question their feelings. Have they truly created an unbreakable bond
that can withstand through time? Follow them as they journey from
Friends 2 Lovers in author Jonathan Anthony Burkett’s heartrending yet
heartwarming story.

In a compelling narrative that will touch your heart and make you think dearly of your friends and loved ones,
you’ll surely experience an overwhelming ebb and flow of emotions as you
leaf through its pages.

"Friends 2 Lovers" now available online!/pages/Friends-2-Lovers/207766200158?v=info&ref=ts

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