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From The Front Porch: A Dream For America

From The Front Porch: A Dream For America

Last night when I sought sleep. It just somehow kept moving further and further away. Every time I would say please just come a little closer to be near to me. It would move further back and say just chill not just yet OK. I then said fine but please just tell me what it is. That you want my tired sore eyes to see. It was then that I looked up to see. All my African and American descended Ancestors. All assembled each spiritually. Standing so near to me. I asked suddenly stunned what is this. That I am being allowed to see. They said we have come to you. Because there is a very different America. We all have lived loved labored and died for. So we could finally come home to see. This great Nation rise up to someday. Too all soon eventually be. But they said to me in a whispered voice with no regret "but as a nation we ain't there just yet".

They then took me away and showed me. The slave ships leaving Africa. With their illicit human cargo. (them) Confined in the grimy decks below. They showed me the forming of a restless. Misty shrouded turbulent nation unseen. They each had a first hand investment stake of. Sweat blood sacrifice and pride. In finally coming to know. They showed me the harsh slave markets. Where they reminded me. They were taken by others to show. As they and their own dreams were soon sold away. Isolated from their Families. They each had not yet fully come to know.

I was soon taken to the Civil war. A terrible conflict that broke apart this nation. As it emerged and soon was brought. Into another meaner harsher kind of place. Neither side so unwilling. To do what was right yet necessary for each. To have the opportunity to somehow save face. Where families once united broke wide open. An each house soon fell apart. Where nation states became houses of hate. Fear and paranoia soon divided. With no love left. For a unified nation in their hearts.

Now each side soon parted in a powerful clash of different ideologies. And each side fought valiantly in a test of wills. Yet so sadly there was no true winner because as they soon showed me. What was left became an even darker America that emerged. Even now more fractured and divided by ethnicity still.

I soon came upon a fertile slope. Where a grassy meadow and field. Lay so beautifully serene below. This they told me was where they each came. And buried the dream of their Audacity and Hope. For a future America. They wanted me and others to perhaps come to someday know.

They then took me to a cloudless mountaintop. Where I soon saw a young man of very humble beginnings. Yet faithful just standing alone there. In his hand he held aloft a vision of an America. He said to me he so badly wanted with others to share. He said to me the reason I will not let you fall asleep just yet. Is because this is the same America I too once dreamed of. We as a nation divided come together and reunited. Even though we are so close he said. We still are not yet quite there.

They soon showed me a lake filled. With some of the most beautiful water. I had ever seen in my life. They said these are the waters of our many shed tears. Which flowed here from our long suffering pain and strife. They said now that you have seen our story. We have placed inside you our hope and dreams. Please do all that you can in your lifetime. To place no more unfulfilled visions Of our Hope for America. As new tears soon set free to flow in this stream.

Soon there appeared a glow upon the horizon. With a faint but truly spectacular halo around the sun. Stunned again I could only watch as they said. "tis the time now for the hope of this real America to emerge and for a new era whose time has just begun. The one we all bled and died for. To come full circle as a family of many people to become a fist of one. To stand together as a nation of many. To finally embrace and live up to its greater destiny. As a new Beacon of Global Hope for each and everyone. To finally rise up grasp and seize upon its diversity. And support the varied and vastly different aspirations. Of all its non and native born Daughters and Sons.

It was then that I soon fell into such a deep asleep. For I knew for sure a new day was about to begin. But this tiny little voice in my heart kept on repeating and saying. As I drifted away..We still are not quite there yet my friend.

From The Front Porch This is what I have just dreamed for America.. Saturday October 25th 2008...please go vote it is time if not now when..

© Copyright 2008 Daton O. Fullard

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