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Finally, getting your book published doesn’t have to involve hundreds of letters to big publishing houses, only to receive lots of rejection letters on your doormat a few weeks later.

The Internet is now THE best place to buy books and new authors can take advantage of this medium too, by selling their book or ebook online via an online book shop.

DragonCub is an online bookstore giving independent authors the chance to connect with booklovers across the world and make money from the sales of their books at the same time!

Whether you are looking to publish a collection of short stories, an ebook or perhaps even a thesis on Ancient Egypt, online bookstores like Dragon Cub will help you promote your book effortlessly.

Why publish my book online?

Here are some of the best reasons to publish your book online;

-You can start earning from your book immediately
-Online bookstores provide free promotion for your book and you as an author
-You can start to build credibility for your book from reader testimonials
-Online book advertising can reach many more potential customers than any other form of advertising and is cheaper.

How much will it cost to sell my book online?

Online book publishing can prove very cost effective for authors who want to retain control over their books and make money. At DragonCub, our basic charge is only 20% of the retail price you fix for your book, but as an added incentive, we’ve decided not to charge any sales commission until January 2010.

That means you can start earning 100% from the sales of your book today through DragonCub, what could be better than that?

Will an online bookstore promote my book for me?

Your book will appear on the site, but you will still be responsible for promoting your book outside of the bookstore. Many online bookstores will also offer to manage your Adword campaigns for you. Adwords is an excellent tool for driving targeted visitors to your book page and could help increase sales.

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