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Giveaways for Authors and Book-Lovers this Christmas

We have loads of giveaways for authors and book-lovers this Christmas. Make sure you don't miss it!

Book-lovers and readers can bid for and win an iPad this Christmas on our Free Book Winning Site - There are also over 300 books to be won and all while playing games. Now you can play and REALLY WIN.

We are also doing a code quiz. The answer to each quiz question is a code that can win you bonus points on Freado. How much do you know about books? Test yourself! For more details on the giveaways read - and FOLLOW us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest quiz questions.

For Authors this Christmas we have 10 BookBuzzr Author Pro subscriptions worth $200 to be won. To take part is this Giveaway ( go to your Twitter account and tweet one thing that you like about BookBuzzr. Make sure that you add the hashtag “#BBZR” to your tweet. This will help us to trace your tweet. Here’s a sample tweet:

“#BBZR – I love BookBuzzr because it helps get automatic, guaranteed eyeballs from my target audience for my book.”

Look forward to connecting with you soon on other networks too!

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