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Tick tock, tick tock the clock seemed to chime endlessly as Erika sat in her room. It was 6 p.m. It was time for Erika to study and Erika hated studying more than she hated anything. "Meow!" cried Trinity, Erikas new kitten. Erika looked at Trinity. She was very cute and had all kinds of different markings that showed she was just a mutt but still she was extremely adorable and Erika loved her. Erika yawned. Erika stretched out on her bed and shut her eyes. Erika was quickly asleep and in a different world. Erika looked around. She was standing on the greenest grass she had ever seen. The grass was tall and lush and felt like velvet under Erikas toes and Erika bent down to touch it. This grass felt like silk and seemed to go on forever in the distance. Erika smiled, she liked being here. Erika started walking not knowing where she was going. Erika saw a man in the distance. This man was waving at her and seemed to be smiling broadly. Erika squinted her eyes to see if she could tell who it was. Erika kept walking toward the man. "Could it be?" Erika remarked out loud. Is that my grandfather Erika thought to herself. Erika called out, "Grandaddy is that you?" Erika walked faster in the lush green grass and started running until she was face to face with her grandfather! Erika hugged him tightly and looked at him. He was wearing a very nice suit, it was blue with soft touches of grey and she never had seen her grandfather look so well. "Hi Erika honey it is sure good to see you" he said to Erika. Erika looked at her grandfather and smiled. "Where are we grandaddy?" Her grandfather looked at her and smiled the biggest smile she had ever seen. He looked at Erika and started to answer Erika when..."Erika, Erika called her mother, what are you doing up there? Are you getting your studying done?" Erika sat up in bed and smiled. Erika had went to heaven in her dreams and could still smell the fresh cut grass. Erika breathed deeply and inhaled. She called to her mother, "mom I am not feeling well I am going to go to bed." Erika pulled the covers over her head hoping to have another dream where she could visit her grandfather. She wanted another glimpse of heaven.
The End

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