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The Chinese used to say:

When you drink water,

please know the source

Today, this sort of gratitude is seldom seen

Instead we have a bunch of rude people

Who’re only good at complaining on others

not knowing that one cannot

see his own face without a mirror

There was once a very rich guy

He had a fast car and many girl friends

One night his car ran into a pool of water

about ten  inches wide and a quarter inch deep

The car, his beautiful girlfriend and him

were spinning many times before crushing

into the road side.

He was shivering, the girl was shaken,

the car was badly damaged

and this speed lover had the gut

to curse the government for

allowing the pool of water

to accumulate on the highway

not realizing his wife, girlfriends,

cars, workshop, condo and even children

are there because of the stupid government.

You like it or not

the stupid government must be there

People need to survive and thrive in a tough economy

or are you willing to hand over every thing

to the bandits who are now waiting

with their mouths wide open?

If you think you are more capable

to run a good government

come forward and offer your service

Surely the electorate will know

who should sit in the Parliament?

But if you just want to install a god-fearing regime

the hate crime apply by your spies and saboteurs

is only attractive and delightful to the flies,

 and filth-eating insects

Drawn by the smell, they scramble for their delicacies.


Copyright © 2014 by Poh Tiong Ho



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