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Ha!  Ha! Very Funny is available in paperback. The book contains more than 500 (507 to be exact) jokes, riddles, and puns divided into 18 subject categories.

We all share a similar experience: standing in a slow-moving line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or Walmart, or at a popular restaurant. Most people find it the very definition of boring and a waste of time. However, with a bit of effort, you can turn this negative happening into an endorphin festival. How?

For decades, when stuck in a snail-paced line, I have taken direct action to transform a dreary time into a fun time. Speak to the person in proximity and tell them a simple joke.

What surpasses getting a perfect stranger to laugh at a corny joke? You brighten their day, even if for just a few seconds. I love doing that.

Or, be the life of a dull party by spinning a few jokes/tales. Is there a better sound in the universe than human beings sharing a laugh?

The book’s introduction discusses the mental and physical benefits of joke telling and laughter. Then an examination of what a joke is and why they, hopefully, are funny. Next is an analysis of different forms of jokes—stories, one-liners, puns, and riddles. The chapter also covers why this book does not contain “naughty” (overtly sexual or mean spirited) jokes.

Also included is a chapter on “The Art of Joke/Story Telling.” Like many skills, joke telling is an art with some rules. Take drawing, for example. Anyone can draw stick figures and they may suffice for most uses. However, drawing with precision, flair, and creativity is much more than stick figures. The same with telling a joke/story. It can be bare bones and maybe work, or a Picasso of storytelling. Joke/story telling is simply effective communication.

Joke telling guidelines include: knowing the material (and knowing when and when not to change parts of a joke); knowing your audience; engaging the audience; body language; and being creative.

Memorize one joke (of the 500+ in this book) a day, and you are set for about 1 ½ years. That should keep you amused, and amusing your friends, for a while. Have fun! Did you hear the one about …?

A man drives up to a country store. The store has a large wrap around porch with an old guy and a border collie playing checkers. The man gets out of his car, walks to the porch, and says, “That must be a really smart dog to play checkers.”

The old guy looks up and says, “He’s not that smart, I beat him three out of the first five games.”

You can read the first few pages and purchase the paperback book (for $9.98) at

Address all inquiries to Tom Garrison at: Consider visiting the Ha!  Ha! Very Funny Facebook page: Your comments are welcome.

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