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 Sometimes I get leadings that I can't ignore. I'm not sure if they are directives from a higer power, or just ideas that refuse to go away until I follow through. Last week I had a strong impression that I should send a copy of my book The Time Of My Life, to Leigh Anne Tuohy. If you don't immediately recognize that name, she is the real life version of the character played by Sandra Bullock in the movie The Blind Side. She and her family live in Memphis, where for thirteen years I taught students who, like her son Michael, were at risk for failing, being jumped into gangs, and living in extreme poverty. I taught the kids that many people wrote off. I write more about The Time Of My Life than any of my other books because its more personal. It doesn't make me the most money, and I have six other books. But this one is about those kind of kids- and how one person can make a difference. I had already written it when I saw The Blind Side, but I couldn't help but see the similarities in my fictional characters and the Tuohy's reall life story.  I listened to that leading, and went to the Tuohy family's foundation website,, found an address, penned a letter and sent Leigh Anne a book. But then I went back to the website again and started exploring. Then it hit me why I had that leading. I made a quick decision. I would donate 50% of the proceeds of the book to their foundation. I set a goal of making a donation of $500-1000 by the end of the year. I started tweeting, posting on facebook and telling everyone I know. Since I launched that plan I have sold...four books. Which means I have to sell... alot more books! The cost of a kindle copy is 2.99. Not a huge monetary investment, but a dollar of that (I get 70% from Amazon) goes to the foundation to help those at risk kids. A print copy costs 8.95. You can order from amazon and help make a difference.

 I invite you to help me make a difference. It's a challenge I made to myself as well. I always wanted the book to serve a purpose, to make others see how touching a life in a seemingly small way can have huge rewards. Consider helping me do that. (And I've been told its a pretty good book too!) You can go directly to Amazon or through my new website,, and I can even autograph your kindle book through kindlegraph. (see the contact page.) Also on the contact page, you'll find a link for how to give a kindle book as a gift if there is someone you think would enjoy it.

Let's see what we can make happen together.



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