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All religious beliefs and secular customs or beliefs quote from the Bible to make judgement, even the atheists do so. People quote from the Bible to criticise Bible believers, in comparison to their religious doctrine, customs and traditions, judiciary processes and procedures and constitutional amendment. What is disturbing is the wrong interpretation of the Bible by some people.
It is up hauling or disturbing to hear some world leaders, religious leaders, and other individuals quoting from the Bible with their twisted or ignorant interpretation in support of deviant behaviour. A common example of this quote they make is ‘’THAT SHALL NOT JUDGE’’. If that’s so then the judiciary institutions including the traditional courts and the likes in every part of the world must be dissolved, and make freedom of all things, whether good or bad. Because judiciary makes judgement to send people to prison, and sometimes pronounce death judgement on people to be killed, yet the Bible says - that shall not judge
When the Bible says ‘’THAT SHALL NOT JUDGE’’ Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. Below are the meanings:
1. A person needs to access himself or herself with the Biblical teachings before judging others. Matthew 7:2
2. It is not referring to criticising wrong doing with the Bible to help solve the problem.
3. Do not judge in your own philosophical understanding of the world or about life.
4. Judge situations or social problems to find possible standard solutions to problems.
5. Recognise that the person in a social or situational problem needs help, and you must help him or her to come out of the problem.
6. Do not judge the eternity of the person, but use the Bible to caution the person.
7. Love your neighbour as yourself and see your fellow in a particular problem as yourself and help out.
8. Do not judge outside the Biblical context.
9. You have to be spiritually descending before making judgement.
10. Recognise that God will judge everyone according to his or her deeds one day.
11. Judge righteously - Proverbs 31:9 Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.
Laws are made to make sure there is peace and order in the society. They are used to help people out of deviant or immoral situation. For example, when someone is sent into prison for wrongful act, it does not mean the person should be maltreated or mishandled but to be counselled and so that he or she would recognised what brought him or her to prison was deviant or immoral and should desist from it. We criticise to help people out of problems but not to put them into doom. So it is wrong for others to quote a biblical principle that they do not understand to defend what is Biblically wrong. Once upon a time every human being was innocent of his or her existence until the man (man and woman) got to know good and bad. Every person is potential to do wrong and also repent of wrong doing, so judgement is used to bring up a person to the realisation of standard of living but not deviant.
All laws including moral law, cultural law, religious law, natural law, traditional law and the likes are subjected to the Bible; the ones that are not found in the Bible are manufactured or man-made laws.

The World Leaders And Homosexuality Legalisation
The Secret Behind (Volume one -1)
ISBN: 9781312279827
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Comment by MAXWELL KOBINA ACQUAH on June 26, 2014 at 12:21am
Some churches and individual pastors or men of God or Apostle or Arch Bishop or cardinal or pope or father and other titles support the homosexuality marriage. They quote from the Bible ‘’That Shall Not Judge’’ saying that who are they to judge if the Bible says so. Are these people trying to say that when some people are behaving deviant or immorally, they are not to be disciplined? Do these clergy or men of God or pastors discipline their children or church members when they do something wrong or not? Then murders should not be disciplined because the murderer has a reason for doing that, so we will not judge. Any other deviants should not be disciplined because you cannot judge why the person behaved that way. Some of the reasons why these men of God or perceived men of God support immoralities including homosexuality are as follows:
1. Some fear that if they do not support, they may be killed by those in the act.
2. Political leaders influence on some church leaders lure them to support the immoralities legalisation.
3. Some churches are not really Christian church but only use the Bible in addition to their own demonic books of doctrines to lure people to their camp.
4. Some church leaders or pastors are occult leaders themselves and pretend to be Christian leaders.
5. Some are afraid of speaking the truth because the church membership may reduce and hence affects the church population and finances.
6. Lack of faith in JESUS CHRIST as some religious leaders or church leaders do not really believe in Him.
7. Pressure from the community that the church is located also frustrates some church leaders to state their view of homosexuality clearly.
8. Some also practice the homosexuality.
9. Lack of divine knowledge.
It is about time Christian faithful’s rise up to speak out the truth without panicking. Proverbs 31:9 Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.
Read more from my book titled ‘’The Church: Is Not What You Think’’

The World Leaders And Homosexuality Legalisation
The Secret Behind (Volume one -1)
ISBN: 9781312279827
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