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The Book Marketing Network is the premier network for authors. And, even Joh would tell you that authors must utilize every legitimate and well-crafted tool in the marketing of their books. The writer of this blog post is a member of more than 10 years.



While I clearly have a full plate, three of my projects about which I am passionate, in addition to the launch of my revised, are:


·      AmazonList Network


I am convinced that due to the nature of Facebook and Twitter, and the wide-ranging interests expressed on these platforms, focused efforts by authors and other entrepreneurs can often be diluted by the sheer volume of material. Even ads are ineffective unless large sums are spent.

I believe there is a need for more focused platforms. You brilliantly provide such a platform with your online sites and efforts. & (our network URL) are devoted to promoting the work of authors by displaying their books and linking those images 

We have now combined and AmazonPreLaunch in a bold global network on the Ning Network: 

 What You Can Do Here: provides author members the capability to promote their works 24/7/365 on our network.

  • We provide what is not possible on Facebook, Twitter and other network,
  • including private messaging
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • placing Amazon Author Profile Page
  • Importing your complete website
  • Having your top book listed on
  • Unlimited image uploads
  • Unlimited videos
  • Creating branded groups
  • Blogs in two (2) formats
  • RSS Feeds for your blogs
  • An additional My Store (My Page) page
  • Opening your own bookstore,
  • Importing author's website
  • Importing your Author’s Amazon Profile Page
  • Use of our video tutorials
  • and much more. 

We are a partner site to and @AmazonList on Twitter and Facebook at

We look forward to and welcome your participation and your input.

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