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How to get your book published and earn good sales

Every year, it is estimated that over one million books are published worldwide. But if you don’t have an agent or a publishing contract, how can you get your masterpiece out to a discerning public and call yourself an ‘author’ at last?

By selling online, that’s how. The advent of the ‘online bookshop’ has revolutionised the way publishing works. Now, people don’t just have to buy a hard copy book from a book store – they can download it from an online bookshop such as but this doesn’t just allow the buying public to buy books with ease; it also helps budding authors to sell and buy books as well. It is an adaptation of the self-publishing boom of the late 20th Century, but made easier and updated for a more tech-savvy generation. DragonCub are not planning to go up against the big boys such as Amazon, but have taken a different approach to opening up publishing opportunities for a wider audience of potential authors. DragonCub is not a publishing house, but what it does do for new authors is just as important – it helps with the marketing side of the process.

Marketing a book is a complex matter usually taken care of by a publishing agent and the printers of your tome. As a result, authors have very little control over how that process works, how much their book sells for or where it is marketed, for example. With DragonCub, that all changes. From the outset the author is in control of the process and can dictate how many copies of their book go to market and how much each one is sold for.

The premise is very simple. The author registers a book for sale with DragonCub and the company produces a full page of information about that publication, which is manually optimised to ensure it gets the attention it deserves on the Internet search engines. By promoting your publication in their online bookshop, potential customers can learn about the book and buy books through DragonCub. They then send notification of the sale to the author, who sends the customer the book. Every month, DragonCub send the profits of each sale to the author direct, less 20% for advertising costs and administration charges. It’s that simple. No more waiting for months on end to receive your royalties from your publisher and you can see immediately how well your publication is doing.

This system is self-publishing made easy. The time consuming aspect of publicity and promotion is taken care of and all the author has to do is send the goods to the customer when they’re ordered through the online bookshop. For authors who have been fighting to get a foot in the door of a publishing house and all the benefits that entails, it’s another option that makes getting your book to market that much easier.

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