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I Believe: It Is Easy to Be Kind and Good to One Another and to Animals, Just Like Baxter, the Magnificent Dog by Suzanne Mondoux

Understanding the importance of taking responsibility for actions.

Baxter is a beautiful black and white Pointer mix who loves to play, however he is nervous of smaller dogs, and he doesn’t know why.

This day it’s snowing and Baxter and his friends are having fun chasing around in the snow, when Carlo and Teddy the horses arrive in the field.

Baxter goes over to say hello, but then he discovers that they have with them a little Pug. She’s called Lulu, and wants to be friendly, but Baxter just ignores her. Carlo and Teddy explain that they have brought Lulu with them and that in their pouches are two of her puppies, Bessie and Tulip.

When they get the puppies out, to everyone’s surprise they are so small! So small in fact that when danger strikes it takes a big dog like Baxter to save them, which he does without thinking. Their mum is so grateful that she gives him a big hugs of thanks.

Suddenly, the incident reminds Baxter of a terrible event which happed in the past and is the reason why he is nervous of smaller dogs. He relays the tale, and the other animals listen on. At the end Lulu comforts him by saying that he is a big and happy dog and that what happened was an accident. However, she then explains that accident or not, he is still responsible for his actions, and that it’s important to say sorry, and so Baxter does…

There are some lovely pictures to colour in in this story, but also it is interactive as for the next thirty days, Baxter invites you to write one thing you have said or done which you know has caused hurt, or made a person, or an animal cry. It can be something you did not mean to do, just like Baxter’s accident. However the important thing is to take responsibility, and like Baxter, right the wrong doing. In writing these down, you will understand the mistakes you have made, learn from them, and become a better person.

Taking responsibility for your mistakes is something which is very hard to do sometimes, and in this sensitive children’s book the author explains gently that whatever we do in life, if we do it, it is our responsibility and we must own up to it. Highly recommended as a wonderful life lesson story.

About the Author:

Suzanne Mondoux: A Voice For Animals
Explorer, Environmental Professional, Author.
French Canadian-born author and environmentally-conscious mining manager Suzanne Mondoux is dedicated to the protection of wildlife and the environment. “I am passionate about the well-being of animals.” In the Republic of Congo she wrote about her work with elephants. “The title of my first book ‘How I Became a Dragon’ refers to the tusks of elephants killed for the ivory that arrives in China, where the dragon is synonymous with Chinese culture.”
Mondoux wrote her second novel while working the Rep of Guinea –
Her second novel ‘Tragedy of the Moth’. Since then she has published The Adventures of Anuk: the first leap, and Anuk: book of words, and children series colouring and activity books (10) – I Believe series. She continues to work in Africa doing Biodiversity work.

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