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I dreamed that President Obama made a decision to end the unresolved dilemma between Israel and Palestine. Until now, efforts for the parties to come to a final agreement on their own had failed. He realized that only forced action by America could end the stalemate. He had received the Nobel Peace prize and felt he must do something to deserve that honor, so he made the decision to do what was needed for world peace. Since the UN carved out a piece of land in Palestine as a homeland for the Jews, he felt that past decisions made by the UN, the international body of law and legitimacy, must be enforced to resolve the on-going crisis. Israel must recognize the 1967 borders and abide by UN Resolutions.
Without forewarning, President Obama sent an invasion force to the shores of Israel. He notified the Israeli government of his decision and the reason for his actions. He further stated that US military personnel would come ashore and be placed along the 1967 borders to insure compliance. He also intended to surround Israel’s nuclear facilities as a precaution. If Israel refused to comply with his demands, the fleet of ships would remain in place as quarantine. All financial aid would be immediately suspended and their US bank accounts frozen. If Israel offered any resistance, the US would invade, eliminate Israel’s WMD'S and forcibly secure the borders. He further declared that Jerusalem would become an international city controlled by a council of the three religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The Israelis living in settlements in the occupied territories could elect to remain if they so chose, but the Palestinian authority would govern them. The subject of refugees returning to their homeland would be dealt with separately once the borders were secure. The U.S. would guarantee both the security of Israel and Palestine with their presence until it was no longer required.
When this action was made public, the world was suddenly changed. Terrorist threats were diffused overnight, placated with the feeling that their fight for justice had achieved its purpose. The world waited breathlessly for this unprecedented action by the U.S. to materialize.
The backlash by Israel’s supporters in America was immediate. Threats against the life of President Obama were numerous. The Israeli Lobby in Washington pushed for Obama’s impeachment. Orchestrated demonstrations around the country provided more fuel for the call for impeachment. Counter demonstrations by the ever-increasing number of those sympathetic to the Palestinians clashed with the Pro Israeli supporters.
Countries in the Middle East expressed their approval of Obama’s initiative. They promised their support expressing their willingness to accept Israel as a full partner in the Middle East once his actions were fulfilled. Military activity in Afghanistan was halted. Al Qaeda’s reason for existence was no longer relevant. Iran announced its agreement to all UN requirements for its nuclear activities.
In my dream, the world was at peace and I breathed a sigh of relief. It became a nightmare when I learned that President Obama had been assassinated.

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