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Is The Beautiful Lady Gone Forever, now available in 6 countries

               "Is The Beautiful Lady Gone Forever, now available in 6 countries, Get It Today in the U.S.A, the  2011 world wide romantic love story by Author Larry Toombs is now on line in the U.S.A Great Britain, Rome, Germany, Spain and France, read inside the pages, at lick arrow to books search, Larry Toombs or go directly to the romance book from my storefront there are 2 ways to get the 184 cream pages romantic love story that cost only $15.00 ready to you in 5 business days U.S. Postal mail unless you select a faster rate at with ups, keep tracking number, tracking number tells exactly what date and time your book will arrive to you, the 2nd way to purchase Is "The Beautiful Lady Gone Forever?" is  from your internet, type kindle ebooks or kindle click arrow to books, then search Larry Toombs, download my digital romance ebook to your phones in seconds  for just only $9.99 to all smart kindle, droid related phones, blackberry, galaxy, kindle fire, kindle e ink nearly all smart phone device with apps will work read, a full detail summary description of the 2011 "Is The Beautiful Lady gone Forever?"  Gerald lakes is a 38 year old mixed black & white guy, about 38 years old, he met and fell in love with and later married, full blooded African American Shelia Williams, Gerald has a full blooded white mother and Shelia Williams has a black mom, the couple met at a downtown store in the city of Montana, they later had wine and went out on a date to the movie and went dancing at the ball room until the lights were turn out, the couple purchased a 100 room mansions far, far away on a island with a greenery golf scenes, the couple paid 1 million dollars for the mansion, they wanted to escape confusion and interference into the interracial marriage, on their Island that consisted of 150,000 acres of land, had a ferry boat ride on it, the couple had their own security guards, a central kitchen with cooks, a Gardners, the couple survived near death suicide attempts after Sheila returned home early to a intoxicated husband Gerald, She found another ladies, red negligee by the bed, after refusing to take Gerald back, in front of their two kids he put a 45 magnum pistol to his head and pulled the trigger, saying "It Is I who have Nothing." He pulled the trigger but the gun misfired twice, Gerald must have had a gang of angels walking with him, they survived, Spanish internship affairs, African foreign exchange student affairs, dna test done on both kids  get it paper back for only $15.00 or 0nly $9.99 downloaded to all smart kindle phones today yours truly Author Larry Toombs


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