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Last night with some trepidation I signed off on the second proof for Killer Career. I'd found about ten minor mistakes in the first, so had asked for another. I'm sure others still escaped my wary eye, but there's a time when you have to let go of your babies and let them fend for themselves.

Anyway, KILLER CAREER should be available through normal book channels anywhere from a few days to a few months from now. I should get my own author copies within a week, in time for the book launch party on August 16 in Arlington Heights, IL at the Historical Museum.

What it's about:
When attorney Julie McGuire decides to quit her day job to follow her dream to be a writer, she has no inkling of the danger posed by her mentor, Tyler Jensen, a NY Times bestselling author who is also a psychotic killer with serious hangups brought about by childhood abuse. Her decision not only puts herself at risk, but also Dade Donovan, her bestfriend and partner, who means more to her than she first realizes. To save herself and Dade she must conquer her greatest fear: claustrophobia

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