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She was the rose of the class

from secondary until university.

She had beauty, brain, determination and leadership.

With an Economics degree and a MBA

behind her

She was the leader of many a company

she picked and chose her employers just like

she did on her one-night stands.

She could swing left or right

because no man could ever claim

that she belong to him.

After swinging for many years

and could boast of a string of lovers behind her

including the famous Mr. So & So.

Age was catching up

she went past 40

she was nervous.

The lovers became less

The H/P rang less often

At last she believed in leaving part of her beauty

and brain behind.

But it was too late

Men preferred younger women.

She wanted the pleasure of

bringing up her own child.

Why didn’t this instinct come earlier?

Every great person had a slight fault

She had to visit the sperm bank

to conceive a child

She used the surname of the last gentleman

who had a nice time with her

without his knowledge.

So how can money buy you love?


Copyright(c) 2004 by Poh Tiong Ho


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