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Marketing Books to Your Readership with Ronda Eden and Steve Cormey of "The Brothers Foot"

Many writers, especially those first starting out, have a hard time knowing how to market their book to a publisher...let alone to their readership once its in print. 


Today, we have Ronda Eden, writer and illustrator, and Steve Cormey song writer and children’s book author here to share a bit about how they market to their readership for their book...The Brothers Foot.


Marketing Books to Your Readership


Ronda: Choosing words carefully is very important. I believe the sound of the word is more important than the meaning. If the words sound inviting the child will seek out its meaning and use the word themselves repetitively in the process of gaining more knowledge.


Steve: Songs and books are brothers in that they share hopes and dreams with the people that read them and enjoy the story within a song or the song that dwells within a story. That is one reason why we offer a CD of "The Foot Foot" song that inspired "The Brothers Foot". Children like to get up and move around and what better way to do that, but with music.


Ronda: As much as you may not like Face book and other social networks they are fast becoming a necessity if you want to get the word out there. Do keep some boundaries tough. It’s easy to get distracted and led astray.


Steve: Use your imagination when doing school visits and book signings. Imagination is a wonderful thing! Books bring that out, in spire and remind us that we are human and not some character in a video game. I think that young people (kids are people, aren’t they?) can learn and grow through the illustrations, stories and music in a book.


Ronda: Keep up with the latest trends and how things are quickly changing.


Steve: Lastly, take time to get to know your fans and thank them.




About our Guests:

Ronda Eden is the illustrator of The Brothers Foot written by Stephen Cormey. Ronda’s been a teacher, storyteller, writer, touring art curator, gallery owner, horse trainer and artist A.O.T. (Among Other Things). Ronda’s hobbies include the joy of  hiking, climbing, wind surfing, belly dancing, jogging, traveling, swimming, daydreaming, listening to music and of course, horse riding. Apart from the later, none of these activities get much of her attention these days. Especially travel! Ronda loves it right where she is, doing exactly what she is doing.

Steve Cormey has entertained the people of Grand County and Colorado for over thirty years. An award winning songwriter, he has written, produced and released six very successful CDs while playing an always full schedule of live performances.


His background in Folk ,bluegrass, rock and traditional music is evident whether live or on CD. Colorado Blue, Somewhere with a Beach, Never Summer..forever home, Walking Stick and the all solo-acoustic Pure & Simple CDs offer a potpourri of musical styles, and his Old Fashioned Christmas is a Yule Tide favorite. Steve’s live performances show off a talented mix of danceable music, humor and fun!


Stories for Children Publishing will be touring “The Brothers Foot” children’s book, written by Steve Cormey and illustrated by Ronda Eden all month long in

May 2011.


You can find out more about “The Brothers Foot” World of Ink Author/Book Tour schedule at There will be giveaways, reviews, interviews, guest posts and more. Make sure to stop by and interact with Steve Cormey, Ronda Eden and the hosts at the different stops by leaving comments and/or questions. Steve and Ronda will be checking in throughout the tour.


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