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I am the member of a very unique family.

I am a wife to a wonderful husband (sometimes!) and mom to two fabulous boys. While that sounds ordinary, each of us battles different chronic illnesses or diseases. We all look perfectly normal on the outside, but we have struggles that make it difficult to function in the outside world.

Six months ago, I began the journey of blogging with my personal blog, called “Having a Unique Family,” after hearing the phrase in my mind during a moment of extreme emotional despair.

I decided to write about what such a unique family faces daily. With an entire family facing various chronic illnesses, disorders, autism, and disabilities, I hoped there were others like myself who were facing difficult circumstances but still trying to raise a family despite the trials. But, deep inside, I never thought it would last a month.

Six months later, I now run 3 blogs. Having a Unique Family continues to gain readers and followers. AEH Services is an affiliate marketing blog of a different stripe. And, debuting next month will be Celebrate Connections, a blog that chronicles my journey back into self-employment after being on disability for nearly 7 years. CC will also cover 5 areas important to me that I want to share and serve as a portal to my Send Out Cards online greeting cards system.

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