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My (digital short) 'Awaken Spirit' is Available from Amazon for FREE Download to your Kindle for a Short Time!

Yahooo, AWAKEN SPIRIT is ranking in at 1,083 Kindle store, #21 in Genre Fiction-Horror-Ghost - thanks to all of you who have downloaded Awaken Spirit Come on over and get your copy FREE today. If you want some major FRIGHT check out HOLLOWING SCREAMS for just $5.99 Hollowing Screams 


Awaken Spirit:  When ghostly images emerge, and voices from within the walls cry out in pain, they begin to question their own sanity.


Hollowing Screams: It is bizarre to say in our civilized culture some human beings still act out in a violent primitive manner causing bodily harm and death. For this reason alone incarcerating facilities will always exist. The terror of being thrust into a world in which time cannot be calculated, distance cannot be measured, and our own true existence is in question is incomprehensible. In 1971, a mysterious stranger warned a small community of their impending doom. She prophesied that if they ignored her warnings they would experience a chain of devastating events.

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