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New Book for Review: Conscious Calm: Keys to Freedom from Stress and Worry by Dr. Laura A. Maciuika

Concious Calm by Dr. Laura Maciuika

Dr. Laura A. Maciuika will be touring mid-March to mid-April 2012 with her self-help book Conscious Calm: Keys to Freedom from Stress and Worry.

Stressed out? There is plenty of real external stress, sure, and a serious stress epidemic going on. Then there is what we do on the inside, often without even realizing it. Conscious Calm focuses on the internal patterns of stress creation we may not even notice, and describes how to get free of these patterns for good to find lasting calm.

Integrating psychology and neuroscience, and combining practical wisdom from both East and West, Dr. Laura Maciuika explains the inner stress traps that so many of us fall into. She reveals 9 Stress Secrets that can keep us stuck in cycles of feeling more and stress, and describes 9 Keys to Conscious Calm and simple, step by step ways to use them for lasting stress relief, deeper calm, and greater happiness.

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From Chapter 1:

For stress reduction, it’s natural to focus on where and how we do have control over outside stress. Some people try to organize themselves better, or to break the To-Do list down into smaller pieces to get more done. You probably have heard about or even tried tips and strategies for organizing the tasks and To-Dos in your life, and doing that can be helpful. Those tips and strategies take one common approach to focusing on stress reduction. They look at the outside challenges and strategize ways to deal with them better. And that can be a useful and worthy exercise.

It can become a problem, though, if outside solutions to stress are the only focus. It can feel like you’ll have to get a handle on everything in your life before your stress will go down and you will feel calmer and happier. Or, it can seem like you’ll never get less stressed and worried, because the To-Do list and the serious outside challenges just aren’t going away anytime soon.

One reason some people feel both helpless and hopeless about stress is that their focus is only on the outside. Without addressing inside stress directly, without a better understanding of its dynamics, causes, and possible solutions, it’s hard to find real and lasting calm. Without learning more about the internal contributions to stress, it’s more likely you will stay stuck in some of the very patterns that can be making your stress worse.

While there are real ways to control some of our outside stress, INSIDE is where we can have the most control. Even with the real outside challenges and pressures, moment-to-moment we have all kinds of internal choice.

180 Pages

Check out ConciousCalm.comfor more information.

If you would like to review Conscious Calm: Keys to Freedom from Stress and Worry, please email Jaime McDougall at Please mention which date(s) would work for you. Deadline for inquiries end February 29th or until the tour is filled.

Thank you!

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