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A good friend of mine brought me to this wonderful forum, and I'm sure glad he did.

If you enjoy romantic suspense in blustery, foreboding settings, you can read more about my books down below, but if you are looking for plain ole' silliness, please stop by my blog.

Okay, now the non-silly part.


Serena Murphy was losing her mind.

Every night Serena stood on the deck of O'Flanagans Tavern, searching Maine's rugged coast for a sign of her husband's body. Though he was pronounced lost at sea, Alan Murphy still haunted her as only his malevolent spirit could. In the loft above her tavern, Serena hears footsteps pace across her living room floor, yet when she turns, no one is there.

Alan would not let a little thing like death stop him from tormenting her. If she could just find his body, surely this torture would stop.

It had been ten years since Brett Murphy saw his sister in-law, although the separation was by design, to avoid temptation. Now Brett was in Victory Cove, not to declare his feelings for Serena, but to discover the truth about his brother's death. In doing so, he must battle Serena's ghosts, both real and contrived.


Megan Summers thought that she was safe in the remote coastal village of Victory Cove. For a year she hid in seclusion, preparing for the battle ahead by building her own target range and practicing adaptability in the darkened halls of Wakefield House. But, today a stranger appeared on her doorstep. Was he it? Was he her executioner?

For Jake Grogan, his trek to Victory Cove started out with a cryptic letter from a woman who after thirty-five years of silence identified herself as his mother. He was told to locate Wakefield House, the home of his grandmother. Jake found the sinister residence on the outermost crag of the ocean, but the woman who answered the door was not elderly. She was young, attractive, and looked like she would do about anything to get him off her doorstep.

Jake Grogan came to Victory Cove to discover his past. Megan Summers came to Victory Cove to escape hers. Inside Wakefield House their lives collide, and on the edge where land and sea meet, they wage a battle and struggle to survive the night.

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