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News about the Chronicles of the Necromancer series from Gail Z Martin

I was just at StellarCon in High Point. It’s a great con with a lot of opportunities to really talk with people. Spent time with friends James Maxey, Ed Schubert, Rich Sigfrit, Mur Lafftery, Davey Beauchamp, Tony Ruggiero and others. But don’t take my word for it—watch the vlog!

Next weekend, I’m at LunaCon in Hyde Park, NY.

Just got my invitation to return to the Carolina Renaissance Festival in October. Still working out the dates, but I’ll update you once that’s settled.

I’m now on Twitter, so please add me:

I’ve also just uploaded the English translation of a new interview with the German publication Phantastich. Enjoy!

Here’s the new interview on Radio Free Bliss!

And a new interview on Today’s Author at:

Of course, my newest podcast guests are Stoker-award winning author Jonathan Maberry, and paranormal author Christina Barber. Check out the Ghost in the Machine podcast here. The podcast is soon to get a whole new web page, so stay tuned!

Here's what the book tour looks like for the rest of the year (so far)

Mar. 20 – 22 LunaCon—New York, NY
Mar. 29 Park Road Books, Charlotte, NC
April 4 SPCC/Anson County Writers’ Workshop
Apr. 24 – 29 RavenCon—Richmond, VA
May 22 – 25 BaltiCon—Baltimore, MD
May 29 – 31 ConCarolinas—Charlotte, NC
June 21 Hawthorn Moon Sneak Peek event!
Sept. 4 – 7 DragonCon, Atlanta, GA
Sept. 18 – 20 Fantasycon, Nottingham, England
October Carolinas Renaissance Festival—dates to come
Oct. 31 Days of the Dead international blog tour
Nov/Dec Watch for me back in stores in the Charlotte, NC area

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