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Passport to Heaven

There isn’t a better way than

marrying a female graduate from Shanghai

and then run your own enterprise there

for the rest of your life

you’ll never have to work for others

Husbands and wife

You can conquer the planets

She’ll only ask for one thing

that you’ll never have another woman

That’s still better

than remaining in Nanyang

cheating your company

by cooking noodles in the engineering office

and charge two hours O/T

or sweet talk about passports to heaven

at MRTs, Bus Stops and the Malls

so that more people come to your place

dropping in lots of gold coins

for you to siphon half of them

The priest knows nothing of it

He doesn’t want to be seen counting the coins

You won’t be a quitter

You can still remit portions of your earning to Posb Bank

and keep the ball rolling in Singapura

Isn’t this better than insulting others

every day ?

Find faults, with them,  even if these people

slip and fall in front of you?

If I write two lines like:

The sky is blue

My love for Zola is true

The five-year-old kid will still be jealous

He respects only the white

Therefore I must say

the sky is white

He even insulted me for hanging

red silk on my windows

He said white would be more appropriate!

Do you still want to argue with this five year old bugger?

Listen to the sermon of the kiasu

which he had repeated thousands of times

in anticipation that the fools will be dropping in

and thus the gold coins too will be rolling in

for him to visit Geylang and Keong Saik

His gods which are almighty

must be deaf and dumb

Why did they allow

four planes to cause

much damages in the U.S.?

The third plane didn’t hit the nuclear plant

The Ta Pei Kong at Pennsylvania must be great

for risking his life

to save the plant

Why didn’t Osama attack Shanghai?

Blame it on the kiasus

Who always talk big

The China men never do

They befriend even the ghosts

once very year during the seventh Lunar moon.


Copyright © 2004 by Poh Tiong Ho

Notes: Kiasu is a Chinese  word meaning, a person who is afraid of losing and thus he does not dare to compete with others.

Geylang and Keong Saik are two places well known for prostitution.

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