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I recently had a novella titled Sky Park published by iUniverse but the sales are horrible. Why? One of the only reasons I can think of is it has no promotion. No one knows it exists thus resulting in only one book sale since its October release. Does anyone here know of an affordable, reliable promotion service that might give my novella the much needed push it needs to start selling? When I say, affordable I mean in the $150-$200 range. If so please contact me directly at my email address:

Chad Fleagle

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Comment by Ken K. Chartrand on November 17, 2009 at 12:53pm
I also have a book published by the print on demand company, iUniverse. They did a good job but like you say there is no promotion other than a service they provide at over 1500 dollars I can't remember what it is called. Any way I have been doing my own promotion via giving copies to friends and relatives and asking that they tell others about my book,"Days of the Unicorn King". Also, I have tried to get onto as many sites as I could, to get some free ads going on whether it is in a blog at Twitter or at Yahoo 360 or Facebook and MySpace. Other than that keep checking the web.

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