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Project Millennium Acts of Faith: Kevin B Wright and Chely Jusino in partnership with Tony Blair

Coming 2009 - Project Millenium "Acts of Faith" is an incomparable collection of poetry published and versed by Kevin B Wright and Chely Jusino in partnership with Tony Blair. Which includes poetry by some of the most gifted poets from around the globe. Who united as one nation to make a difference by helping eradicate the millions of deaths caused by Malaria.

The purpose of this book is to raise funds to benefit The Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which in turn will be used to purchase anti-malarial medicine, treated bed nets, and spread awareness to eradicate Malaria. Countries that committed to the cause include : the United Kingdom, Africa, China, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Turkey, Ireland, France, Austria, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Norway, etc.

Millenium "Acts of Faith" will be released in January 2009 worldwide.

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Comment by Kevin B Wright on February 26, 2009 at 3:30pm
Sorry honey, but I have my staff set up and post on all my sites. So please think or research before you speak. There are typos yes, and I will bring it to their attention. Thank you for bringing it up! But if you would like to get personal, I really don't have the time to associated myself with individuals like yourself. You're simply a worm in the writing world, so please be gone!!

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