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I recently received an email about Book Promotion, and I wanted to share my response with you. As an online entrepreneur and self published author I've learned quite a few things about promoting my products by myself and on a small budget!

The email stated:
First of all I would just like to commend you on all that you are doing to inspire and up lift our people. I just happen to come across your site one day when I was looking for a way to connect to other black writer.I have seen all your videos and love them. So here is my question--I'm a writer and I'm almost finish with my book(I think) and I was wondering how can I create a demand for my book before it's even done? Do I create a web page and give a few sample chapters? Or, should I just go on a few networking sites and talk about my book? Help!!!!

Here is your LaShanda Lesson for the Day (smile)
My first respond to this email was, 'Do everything you mentioned and then some! When it comes to marketing, you can't just do one thing!'

Here is my extended response:
As an author you want to find a captive audience and keep them coming back for more.

If you can do interviews, do them!
If have the opportunity to read selections of your book to an audience or even let them download or chapter or listen to an audio preview, you are moving in the right direction!

You want to do a couple of things here:
1. You want to find your target. The people you know like your genre.

2. You want to interact with them. Answers their questions, participate in their chat, and then invite them to your space. In that order please! Self promotion isn't the way to go. Join the conversation, don't jump in.

3. You want to get people to visit your website, but you want more than that don't you? You want folks to buy your book. Here's the BIG Secret everyone learns the hard way, every single person who visits your website will not necessarily by your book. But many just might be interested, so you have to keep them coming back until they buy.

How do you do that?
Start with an eMail Marketing Campaign so that you can build your list of readers and potential customers. Get folks to signup and stay connected. Click here for details and be sure to check out my email marketing online course if you really want to learn how to get them on your list and coming back!

If you already have a list you need to build your buzz.

Find out My Magnetic Marketing Strategy OR Check Out My Internet Marketing Tips. Last but not least, review my Social Media Marketing Strategies. In this economy, you might as well take advantage of all the free and low cost social networking solutions that you have!

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Comment by Karen Lugay on April 23, 2009 at 11:20am
Hi Lashanda,

It's nice to have you here and thanks for all the info. I checked out your website and loved it, plus the information really is relevant to me. Will definitely bookmark it.

After looking at your website I also realized that our paths have crossed in the past. You designed a couple web banners for me. I am glad to see you doing even more great things on the web!

All The Best to You

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