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My computer went to the fluffy cloud from where there was no return and I had to sit back watching the things I had put out on the world wide web growing old, becoming outdated & crumbling. (on the odd occasion I managed to borrow the use of anothers device) This month I was given a band new laptop. Having returned to the old fashioned yet reliable writing process of pen & paper I now have plenty of new material to share.

Some of you will think me wrong, but I have made up my mind. I am a stubborn old girl. (Old, so I do not have a phone with internet access in case some were questioning my lack of internet viewing) I am updating and relaunching my self published ebooks. New covers & added information pages will appear on amazon & others soon. I am getting use to my new lap top apple lap top and would like those who may have contacted me without a reply to know that I am sorry for not replying. 

I can not promise to always be on top of this blog and other things but hope to pop up with things of interest on a regular basis and am always happy to follow others & join groups in my attempt to keep up with what is happening. 

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